Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Job Description :

• Design and develop software that tests other software.
• Design test automation that executes a full regression test for a product.
• Create new test automation using Spec Flow syntax and implementing the test execution in C#, extending existing test suites.
• Define and estimate work for the purpose of constructing test automation.
• Maintain test code to the standard of code that runs in production, including code reviews.
• Define and perform various tests functions-Black Box, User acceptance Testing functional, and Regression, End to End testing.
• Act as first line for security checking and last line of defense against code failure.
• Provide technical support during software installation or configuration.
• Write, Debug and maintain test scripts, test cases and utilize automation frameworks.
• Monitor and maintain the performance of running test suites.
• Install operating systems and software to construct systems under test.
• Demonstrate running tests at the end of each development iteration.
• Create test suites that run on multiple branches of a product.
• Get involved in all phase of SDLC.
• Perform reviews of plans and work with other team members to ensure standards are being followed and to suggest alternative solutions when necessary.
• Work with disciplines (Program Management, Development Team, Technical Operations, other Software Development Engineers and various business owners) in implementation of analytical and technical solutions.
• Actively take part in meetings, provide perspective for other members of the team to continually improve standards, plans, scripts, checklists and other company methods, processes and documentation.

Salary :

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